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New: UploadZen is now HTML5-based

Until yesterday, UploadZen's Web Uploader (and File Upload Web Part for SharePoint) required either the Flash or the Silverlight browser plugins at the client side to support selection of multiple files for document uploads.

No longer!

In all modern browsers (except, at the time of this writing, Internet Explorer) this SharePoint Solution Package now utilizes HTML5 features for selecting multiple files if the browser supports them...

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Using Filter Web Parts to search a SharePoint List / Library View's entire directory hierarchy (incl. sub-folders)

So, this is a fairly common use-case and requirement that FilterZen easily delivers a workable solution for. (I think we have this topic covered in a forum thread or two, but a quick "authorative" blog post on this can't hurt.)

Here's your situation:

  • you have a SharePoint List View (or Library View) with folders shown. Easy, simple, your users know how to work with that.
  • you have it connected to a Filter Web Part so that users can easily "search" locally within that List View, without needing SharePoint's Search UI.
  • your users appreciate the display of folders, but also would like to be able to "search in all folders" when they begin specifying filter criteria.

By default, this won't happen... here's how to make it happen.

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How to recover "missing" SharePoint ribbon/tool-bar action commands

All three products, ExportZen, PrintZen and UploadZen integrate themselves into your SharePoint Lists and Libraries by means of custom tool-bar items (SharePoint pre-2010) and/or Ribbon actions (SharePoint 2010 and newer). After a fresh from-scratch installation, they will automatically provide a readily usable default Action in normal out-of-box List/Library View pages, but sometimes as time proceeds and customizations are performed "all over the place", all of a sudden "our ribbon/toolbar action is no longer showing up!"

Here are "three easy steps" to investigate such an incident.

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Rare errors #1: "Root element is missing"

Our license files are sent out as XML text files. Under very rare circumstances, you may get the following error message when attempting to apply your license file: System.Xml.XmlException: Root element is missing. Here's how to work around this uncommon issue.

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FilterZen how-tos: live-filter as-you-type; embed filters under Column headers

The newest FilterZen build now lets you easily implement two convenient and popular use-cases for SharePoint List Filtering:

  • "Live" List filtering as-you-type
  • Embed filtering controls directly underneath your List View's Column headers

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Using User Profile Property Values for List Filtering in SharePoint

Every other month or so, we receive an enquiry like the following:

Is it possible to filter (using FilterZen) a standard Document Library by a specific user profile field such as Department, where Department is also a field in the List / Library? I cannot see a way of doing it like the out-of-the-box Current User Filter Web Part.

Can do! With a few tweaks...

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