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How to recover "missing" SharePoint ribbon/tool-bar action commands

All three products, ExportZen, PrintZen and UploadZen integrate themselves into your SharePoint Lists and Libraries by means of custom tool-bar items (SharePoint pre-2010) and/or Ribbon actions (SharePoint 2010 and newer). After a fresh from-scratch installation, they will automatically provide a readily usable default Action in normal out-of-box List/Library View pages, but sometimes as time proceeds and customizations are performed "all over the place", all of a sudden "our ribbon/toolbar action is no longer showing up!"

Here are "three easy steps" to investigate such an incident.

So, if one or more or all of your custom Export Actions / Print Actions / Upload Actions aren't showing up in places you'd  expect them to, first go to a given page in your SharePoint Site where your custom Export / Print / Upload Action should be appearing (in the ribbon and/or toolbar of a given List/Library View) but doesn't. Then:

Check List View's "Toolbar Type"

Go into Page Edit mode (Site Actions / Edit Page), open the List View's settings tool-pane (via its Web Part menu / Edit Web Part). In the List Views section, what is selected as Toolbar Type? It needs to be either Show Toolbar or Full Toolbar.

Check Site Collection Feature status

From this very page, open Site Actions / Site Settings / <Product>Zen Studio / Features & Artifacts. On that page, next to the <Product>Zen List Integration Site Collection Feature, its status should read "This feature is active". Is that the case? If not, activate the Site Collection Feature.

Verify the Custom Action isn't disabled

While you're in <Product>Zen Studio, switch to "Export Actions" or "Print Actions" or "Upload Actions" (depending on the product being troubleshot). For every <Product> Action listed on that page, open it (if there is only one to begin with, that one is automatically opened) and on its first tab "Menu Item & Integration", verify two settings:


  • "This <Product> Action is available in..." -- ensure the selection here covers the SharePoint Site where you need this custom Action to be available
  • "Show <Product>Zen menu item in the following Lists" -- ensure the selection here covers the SharePoint List/Library where you need this custom Action to be available.


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