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Sync User Profiles' Picture URL with Active Directory images (thumbnailPhoto / jpegPhoto)

As you know, the SharePoint 2010 User Profile synchronization features sync up all your people data as stored in Active Directory (or other LDAP service) — except your profile pictures, if your AD uses the jpegPhoto or thumbnailPhoto properties for those.

The main reason for this is quite simply that the PictureURL property is a URL field (storing only the HTTP address pointing to a picture file), whereas AD stores the entire image itself as a "binary large object" (blob). So any synchronization will involve downloading the pictures stored in AD, putting them somewhere HTTP-accessible, and then setting the PictureURL user profile property to the address of this copied image file.

We wanted a sync-all, batch solution — you launch it and it just runs — so we wrote a free tool to help you with this, greatly assisted (thanks again, Robert! :) by a User Profiles Web Part user who had a vested interest in such a tool.

We packaged this up with PeopleZen but you won't even need a license to keep using this free sync tool indefinitely. If you need the source code for more sophisticated customizations, simply contact us and we'll send it to you.

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Print-Friendly SharePoint Calendar / List Views & User Profiles Web Parts

We recently launched PrintZen, which lets you offer printer-friendly Views of SharePoint List, Calendar and other Web Parts. This article shows you how to integrate PrintZen with PeopleZen to offer print views for your User Profile Web Parts. Once you have both solution packages installed in your SharePoint environment — it's really easy.

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Augment Search Result Pages with Filtered Document Library / List Views

While SharePoint's Search features present a great deal of configurability and customizability, it sometimes cannot be tweaked enough to support every need. We received the following request:

We have a WSS 3.0 store of documents that we would like to share. They are stored as list items and there are a number of different columns which help describe the documents. Some are quite straightforward, such as document name, document description, division and subdivision within the organisation that created the document. The one that is causing problems is a column called keywords. It takes its values from another list (sample values might be: climate change, air quality, litter prevention, noise pollution control). Since a document might be relevant to a number of areas, multiple keywords can be selected. I found that once multiple selections were allowed, a search scope allowing the user to narrow their search by keyword just wouldn't work. I would like to allow a user to narrow their search by organisational division, which I have done, and I'd like to be able to give them good functionality to filter the results that are returned. The filtering wouldn't just be limited to the keywords; it would also allow users to filter by date and author.

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