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Filtering SharePoint Lists using nested AND / OR operator precedence hierarchies

A few days ago we pushed out a silent minor update to FilterZen that finally gives you ultimate control over how to combine multiple SharePoint List filters. As the array of available operator options is now quite broad, this article provides a summary overview on how filters and values can be logically combined when filtering SharePoint Lists.

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Missing the List View selector tool-bar drop-down menu in SharePoint 2010? Introducing the new List View Picker.

In SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0, whenever you were on a List View page (or added a List View Web Part or List-bound Data View Web Part), you always got (or could easily enable) a nice out-of-box View selector drop-down in the List tool bar. Switching Views was simply a one-click affair. In 2010, this is often no longer the case: you don't get an easy one-click View selector as soon as you add a second Web Part to an out-of-box View page, and you also don't get one when re-using the List as a Web Part on other pages.

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Populating text box filters with URL query string parameter values

One easy way to pre-populate a single SharePoint FilterZen filter of yours via the page URL query string is using the parameter name filter_DefaultValue after having ticked the Override Web Part settings from URL parameters check-box option in the Filter Web Part's settings tool pane.

But what should you do if you need multiple parameters for multiple filters, or simply other, custom parameter names? This is actually fairly easy...

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