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User Voices

What's included in the license fee?

All commercial licenses include:

  • free life-time product updates (minor and major) and
  • free life-time priority technical support,

so industry-strength support is simply already priced in. Furthermore our license fees are one-time costs, there are no hidden charges or annually recurring subscription fees of any kind. However each license is bound to a single unique Site Collection ID or Farm ID (depending on scope, see below) and not transferable to another Site Collection or Farm it was not issued for.

(Note that even if your entire SharePoint environment resides on a single standalone server, this is both in technical and in licensing terms still considered a Farm.)

Updates and Upgrades

Updates: future versions of the same software product are already included in all free and commercial licenses.

Upgrades: if you need to upgrade to a higher edition (for example Basic to Ultimate), to more users or to a higher scope (Site to Farm), then you only need to pay the difference. Simply contact us for the details when you need this. Typically we refund your earlier order after your new order goes through, but if this is strictly unwanted, we can also generate a special discount coupon code for you.

What do the licensing scopes (Site or Farm) mean?

A Site Collection license can be activated on a single SharePoint Site Collection (including its root site and unlimited sub-sites). A Farm license is useful for larger-scale deployments of more than 2 end user-facing Site Collections or projects where Site Collections are generated dynamically all the time (such as per project, per team, per branch etc.)

For your own ROI and TCO calculations: for all products, any Farm license is always 2.25 times as expensive as the equivalent Site Collection license.

Unlike other vendors, the number of web front-end servers does not matter, so you can scale up your environment as needed without having to re-license.

For all products and editions we also offer an Unlimited Farms license, always priced exactly 2.75 times as high as the equivalent single-farm, unlimited-users license.

How are licensing users determined?

Instead of looking into SharePoint's end user GUIs such as People and Groups, you NEED to inspect your to-be-licensed Site Collection via Site Settings / <Product>Zen Studio / Site Collection User Accounts. If you need 150 accounts or less, our product-specific License Ordering page will automatically put the required quantity of 50-user-packs in your cart (ie if you're over 50, just select 100 and it will place 2x 50-user-packs in your cart).

If you need more than 150 accounts then the "unlimited users" option is the economically most viable option since it always costs less than the next 50-increment (ie. 200 accounts) would cost. So this is a volume discount. Any unlimited-accounts license is always priced exactly 3.25 times as high as the equivalent 50-accounts license.

Need a quote?

Even though our pricing is transparently inspectable on our web pages and the orders can be placed easily, your procurement or accounting department may require a binding formal quote with official company letterhead. Simply determine on our product-specific License Ordering page which license you will need (aided by the above information), then contact us to request your quote.

What about invoicing and taxes, and are purchase orders accepted?

Our software licenses are sold through resellers. You always place your order, not with ROXORITY Ltd. but with a select reseller company — we made this a seamless, straightforward procedure with our product-specific License Ordering pages.

This not only substantially reduces our overhead (so we can concentrate on making great software), more importantly it also provides you with the most specialized and experienced, secure Enterprise-grade transaction processing, 100% legal and fiscal compliance applicable to your jurisdiction, and satisfies the demands of your procurement and accounting departments.

On our product-specific License Ordering page linked above, you get to select the reseller of your choice. The selected international reseller of our software is a Northern American or Western European publicly traded or privately held, certified and audited transaction-processing ecommerce company, and will the Merchant of Record responsible for invoicing you (and depending on your jurisdiction collecting and remitting VAT or any other form of sales tax applicable).

We will add additional resellers in the future. For now we offer license sales to international customers from all over the world through SWREG Inc. (USA), which:

  • has a track record of decades in successful software license sales and transaction processing,
  • accepts the widest range of credit cards (including corporate and government cards) plus PayPal with its own additional funding options,
  • supports (in most countries) BIC bank transfers, wire transfers or electronic funds transfers
  • and lets you place your order online, over the phone or via fax.

Purchase orders: SWREG lets you order via "Pro-forma Invoice", a simple pay slip / procurement instruction that comes closest to a corporate purchase order in practice (since you take their pro-forma invoice, send it to your accounting department and they pay at their own terms). Traditional P.O.s are usually not accepted directly, however.

Your software licensing information is sent to you within 12 hours of receipt of your payment, usually within 1-2 hours. Note that additional delays of 2-4 business days may be incurred depending on your choice of payment method, longer if you choose pro-forma invoicing that may need to get routed through your accounting / procurement departments before payment is finally initiated and received by SWREG.

Dev/QA/Test Licenses

While we are more "cost-forthcoming" than most vendors in many respects (updates, support, no per-server licenses), we do not offer discounts-per-se for "test", "QA" or "developer" licenses. Cost-effective licensing can however often be achieved for such licenses by procuring low-user, Site Collection licenses. Even if you will need unlimited users on one or multiple farms for production, often QA/dev/test environments are or can be scaled down and our low-cost, low-user Site Collection licenses will save you costs accordingly.