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Walkthrough: Using UploadZen

The UploadZen Upload Multiple Files Menu Item

After UploadZen has been installed and fully deployed, navigate to any Form Library, Picture Library, Slide Library, Translation Management Library, Web Part Gallery, Master Page Gallery, List / Site Template Gallery or any other SharePoint Document Library and drop down the Upload menu. In addition to the SharePoint Upload Document menu item, you should also see the UploadZen Upload Multiple Files menu item:

UploadZen by default always uses the menu item caption Upload Multiple Files, whereas SharePoint uses Upload Multiple Documents / Pictures / etc. (UploadZen will hide this latter out-of-the-box menu item if it was available and UploadZen is both enabled and supported for the current user.) The menu item caption and description to be used can be configured on the farm and site collection level, but for now this is a good differentiation to keep in mind and be able to tell the UploadZen menu item apart from the SharePoint menu item easily.

Now click the Upload Multiple Files menu item to launch the UploadZen window. The first time the UploadZen window is launched on a client computer, the user will be prompted to confirm launching the UploadZen window:

Once confirmed, that security confirmation prompt will never appear a second time when launching the UploadZen window on the same client computer again in the future.

The UploadZen Window

After a few seconds, the UploadZen window appears:

The window contains two major areas:

  • the local file navigation area to the left, which lets you browse the file system and select files to be marked for uploading, as well as
  • the area to the right, labelled Local Files Marked for Upload.

The Upload Files button will be enabled as soon as there are any files marked for upload (ie. placed inside the second, right-hand side area). To mark files for upload, simply select them and click the Mark selected file(s) for upload button.

After you do click the Upload Files button to initiate your upload, UploadZen will keep you informed about the progress of your upload. After all files have been processed, only files that have been uploaded successfully will be removed from the Local Files Marked for Upload area. You can mark additional files for upload even when an upload is in progress.