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Are You Still Annotating Contents Manually?

Organize your SharePoint contents automatically — in 12+ languages.
Catalogues, invoices, press clippings … and everything else.

You're using SharePoint to store and manage mass data and huge document bases — as PDFs, common Office documents and in specialized formats.

GreenBox™ unerringly detects and writes relevant metadata automatically and helps you keep vital business data organized:


categorizes documents and contents to suit your requirements


detects related or similar documents and links them up


determines and designates document and content languages


This is Unprecedented: Automatic Metadata Annotation

Consistent meta data is indispensible for worthwhile Enterprise Content and Document Management (ECM), but its exhaustive, accurate tendance presents most organizations with massive logistic and cost challenges.

GreenBox provides full and partial automation support for most metadata annotation and population processes through a sensible, practice-driven combination of various specialized, cutting-edge Computational Linguistics methods.