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Release Notes

Version 2.5.1 (10th May 2013)

  • UploadZen now also works without client-side browser plug-ins and utilizes HTML5 file-selection features if available
  • By popular request, the Site Settings / UploadZen Studio section of links is now only visible to administrative users.
  • Updated jQuery version to 1.8.3

Version 2.5 (8th March 2011)

  • Added: on-the-fly, pre-upload client-side image resizing / picture shrinking
  • Added: configurable maximum file size
  • Added: chunking for large files exceeding your server-side file upload size / request length limits

Version 2.4 (1st March 2011)

  • Added: new Web Uploader mode based on Flash or Silverlight plugin.
  • Deprecated: previous ClickOnce-based Windows Uploader mode is still included but no longer a focus of future development.

Version 2.3.5 (9th October 2010)

  • Added: you can now define multiple Upload Actions (with individual settings) that can be offered concurrently.

Version 2.3 (16th April 2010)

  • Added: DIY User Interface Localization tool
  • Added: Transfer Wizard (import/export) tool

Version 2.2 (14th December 2009)

  • Added: automatic check-out and bulk check-in for SharePoint uploads

Version 2.1 (31st August 2009)

  • Added the 'UploadZen Upload Page' Farm Feature. This redirects all requests from the SharePoint Upload page to the UploadZen Upload page, which is an exact clone of the SharePoint Upload page in design and functionality, except the 'Upload Multiple Files...' link launches the UploadZen window.

Version 2.0 (27th August 2009)

  • File extensions blocked by the SharePoint web application are now by default hidden in the local file navigation area and not included in bulk folder uploads
  • SharePoint login passwords are now encrypted when stored on the client side
  • Bulk folder uploads are now split up into multiple smaller file transfers rather than transferring one large ZIP-compressed data package if they exceed a user-customizable maximum MB size

Version 1.9 (22nd August 2009)

  • Added a Welcome page with Mini Tutorial to the UploadZen window
  • Much revised and expanded product documentation

Version 1.8 (18th August 2009)

  • Added 'Select All' menu command
  • Added support for storing (saving) and restoring (loading) uploads

Version 1.7 (17th August 2009)

  • Added colored highlighting for local files and folders marked for upload
  • Added auto-refresh for local file browsing area
  • Added file filters with useful presets matching Document Library base templates
  • Added local file navigation area buttons "Back", "Up" and "Show/Hide Folders"
  • Added additional client options for overwriting existing files, replacing unwanted characters, and which files and folders to include or exclude in the local file browsing area and folder bulk uploads.
  • Added picture file live preview icons

Version 1.6 (6th August 2009)

  • Added client-side user name / password storage for users who cannot log in to SharePoint automatically
  • Added the Upload Multiple Files menu item to Picture Libraries, Web Part Galleries and Site / List Template Galleries.
  • Bug fix: changing the target library did not work in root web sites

Version 1.5 (5th August 2009)

  • Added full support for forms-based authentication
  • Now circumventing the "The file or folder name contains invalid characters. Please use a different name." condition.

Version 1.4 (2nd August 2009)

  • Fixed: "Length cannot be less than zero" error message during Uploader Windows application loading.

Version 1.3 (15th June 2009)

  • Now allowing switching to another target Document Library and folder from the UploadZen window
  • Added support for extracting all contents of uploaded ZIP archive files on the SharePoint server side into the appropriate target Document Library folder structures
  • Added support for uploading entire directory structures easily with ZIP-compressed transfer to be restored recursively into the appropriate target Document Library folder structures
  • Added support for uploading a selection of local files as a dynamically generated ZIP archive file

Version 1.2 (4th June 2009)

  • The client Uploader Windows ClickOnce application no longer requires ADODB to be installed on client computers.

Version 1.1 (29th May 2009)

  • Added automatic prompts for user name / password if SharePoint authentication with Windows-cached credentials fails
  • Added new product configuration options to be set farm-wide or on the site collection level:
    • to hide or show the 'Settings' tab in the UploadZen window
    • to show or hide the 'Upload Multiple Documents' out-of-the-box menu item when UploadZen is available
    • to never show the 'Upload Multiple Files' menu item
    • to only hide the 'Upload Multiple Files' menu item when disabled (i.e. when UploadZen is not supported by the client)

Version 1.0 (25th May 2009)

  • Initial release of ROXORITY UploadZen