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Client-Side Settings

This topic only applies to the legacy Windows Uploader mode and is for reference in legacy systems only. You will likely use the newer (and default) Web Uploader mode in production instead, and can safely skip this topic.

The following settings are available to all users in the UploadZen window on the Settings tab. Administrators can turn off the Settings tab for some or all users via the appropriate server-side configuration setting.

(General) Maximum picture file preview icons per folder

Picture files are represented by an icon showing a preview of their content but this consumes additional system resources. Specify the maximum number of picture files that a folder can contain before preview icons are turned off for that folder. Use 0 to never show any preview icons.

(General) Apply the [xyz] file filter when targeting a [xyz] Library

Choose 'Yes' to automatically select a file filter for the local file browsing area suitable for the target Document Library, or 'No' to never automatically change your file filters.

(Upload) Overwrite existing files

Select 'Yes' to overwrite files that already exist in the SharePoint Document Library target folder under the given name, or 'No' to not replace the existing file and produce a warning message instead.

(Upload) Replacement character

Specify a character or text used to replace each unwanted character, ie. ˜ " # % & * : < > ? / \ { | and } in uploaded file or folder names. (Clear this to simply remove the unwanted characters.)

Display/include files/folders if...

These four sections of 13 settings each control whether to show or hide in the local file navigation area, or include or exclude in folder bulk uploads, file or folders with certain characteristics:

  • (Access or Read Error) — whether to show/include files/folders that cannot be accessed by the current user (default: No)
    • Files / folders that cannot be accessed by the current user can never be included in folder bulk uploads. For the inclusion sections, this setting controls whether to ignore-and-skip those files / folders (if set to No) or show an error message for each such file / folder (if set to Yes).
  • (Empty) — whether to show/include files/folders that are empty (zero-byte files or folders containing neither files nor sub-folders, default: No)
  • (Blocked) — whether to show/include files with extensions that are blocked for upload at the SharePoint web application level (default: No)
  • [xyz] Attribute — whether to show/include files/folders for which the given file system attribute is set (default: Yes except for Hidden, Offline, Sparse, System, Temporary)