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Filter types
Text Filters
Choice Filters
Date Filters
Page URL / Request Filters
All 4 Lite Filters
List Lookup Filters
User Filters
Page Column Filters
Binary Toggle (Yes/No Check Box) Filters
All 8 Lite & Basic Filters
SQL Filters
BDC Filters
Dynamic Ad-Hoc Filters
Filter almost everythingDocument Libraries, List Views, Data Views, out-of-box and 3rd-party Web Parts, Charts... (for info on PeopleZen/ExportZen integration, scroll down)
One-click filter setupoptimally pre-configured for the selected filterable field
Filter name finderinteractive tool determines the right filter name to use
Visual customizabilitywith well-documented CSS rules; 2 designs included
Default / Empty / Nonecomplete control over those special filter values
Fallback filter valuesfor empty filter values
Pre-filter pickable choicesaccording to existing List data
Numericalityformatting and logic for filter values
Suppress filter valuesallow all-values-except (black-listing) or no-values-except (white-listing)
Remember filter valuesper user, stored and restored across sessions (no cookies)
Dynamically generated filtersprovide interactive filter controls for all filterable fields on the fly without any configuration work
Hide folderssuppress the display of folders in List View Web Parts dynamically (only when filters are applied)
PeopleZen integrationfilter your user profile Web Parts
ExportZen integrationCSV-export your filtered List data
Multiple filtersper Web Part
Multiple valuesper filter and multi-select drop-downs
Filter operatorsin addition to equals, use contains, greater / less, not equal etc. (and all other features requiring the CAML Direct filtering mode)
Cascaded drop-down filtersinter-dependency: ie. pickable choices in filter B are reduced based on user-picked choices for filter A
List-based AutoSuggest drop-downsfor Text Filters and Dynamic Ad-Hoc Filters
Better BDC Item Builder Web Partgets ID from anywhere (not just URL) and sends entity data to anywhere (not just BDC Web Parts)
Filter groupsorganize filters into groups and switch between them
{$Placeholder$} Syntaxin all filter settings to resolve other filters' values
URL-overridable settingsoverride all Filter or Web Part settings with URL query string values (not to be confused with Page Request (URL) Filters, see above)