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Release Notes

Version 3.8.1 (13th May 2013)

  • By popular request, the Site Settings / FilterZen Studio section of links is now only visible to administrative users.
  • Updated jQuery version to 1.8.3

Version 3.8 (9th August 2010)

Version 3.7 (16th April 2010)

  • Added: DIY User Interface Localization tool in FilterZen Studio
  • Added: Transfer Wizard (import/export) tool in FilterZen Studio
  • Added: new Unique Constraint ('Distinct' emulation) filter type for CAML-based List View / Data View filtering
  • Added: new SharePoint Context Filter type

Version 3.6 (26th January 2010)

  • Added: number conversion and formatting support for all filter types
  • Fixed: 'Clear Filters' did not always work with XSL / Data View Web Parts in some cases
  • Fixed: range filtering produced inconsistent results if both bounding values were equal
  • Fixed: date-range filtering from and until the same date showed values less than that date.
  • Fixed: improved performance for List Lookup Filters on Lists with massive amounts of items (> 2000)
  • Fixed: CAML Filtering mode did not work for custom field types inheriting from Text

Version 3.5 (6th December 2009)

  • Added: option to disable folders in connected List View Web Parts
  • Added: placeholder syntax {$SomeFilter$} now also supported for for date filters
  • Added: you can now suppress (on the Web Part Page, Site Collection or Farm level) FilterZen's inclusion of the jQuery library if this is already being included in your SharePoint pages
  • Added: Binary Toggle (Check Box) Filter type
  • Improved: handling of interactive drop-down List Lookup filters from Multiple Choice Columns
  • Improved: multi-selection drop-down end-user filtering controls
  • Fixed: URL Parameter filters sometimes used the parameter name in place of the filter name
  • Fixed: SQL Data Filter always sent the default filter value regardless of user selection under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: unticking the "Allow picking the empty filter value" filter setting could not be saved under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: "Argument data type sql_variant is invalid for argument 1 of like function." error message when applying the the Contains CAML operator to a Calculated / Computed List Column.
  • Fixed: Filter Web Part produced "Object reference not set" or "An unexpected error has occurred" messages for Anonymous users.

Version 3.4 (11th September 2009)

  • Added: placeholder syntax {$SomeFilter$}, which lets one filter use the current filter value(s) of another filter in all text-based filter settings
  • Fixed: changing or clearing interactive filters against paged views did not reset the paging
  • Fixed: multi-selection drop-down filter controls did not resize themselves to not exceed the available page size
  • Fixed: Dynamic Interactive Filters represented multi-choice columns as Text Filters instead of Choice Filters
  • Fixed: Page Request / URL Parameter Filters did not send multiple values by default if parameter occurred more than once

Version 3.3 (7th September 2009)

  • Added support for cascading filters (limits the pickable choices in all drop-down filter controls to existing values still available after applying the previous filter)
  • Added support for filter groups (allows organizing filters into groups and switching between them from the UI or via connected Web Parts)
  • Substantial user interface and documentation improvements
  • Fixed: CAML Filtering mode did not always work for Data Form Web Parts
  • Fixed: multiple-selection drop-down filter controls did not post back to re-filter automatically although the corresponding Web Part setting was ticked.

Version 3.2 (19th August 2009)

  • (28th August 2009) Fixed: date-relative offsets didn't initialize date filtering controls correctly
  • (27th August 2009) Fixed: "Clear Filters" now works with multi-selection filtering controls
  • The CAML Filtering mode (for using filter operators other than Equals) can now be used with the SharePoint Server BCS/BDC Business Data List / Related List Web Parts.

Version 3.1 (5th July 2009)

  • (22th July 2009) Fixed: Solution Package generated partially invalid SafeControl entries in web.config, rendering certain Web Parts unusable on WSS-only systems
  • Added formatting and regional options to Date Filters.
  • Added dynamic filter names from request parameters to Page Request / URL Filters: if the filter name has the format '{{foo}}' then the filter name to use will be obtained dynamically from the page request parameter 'foo'.

Version 3.0 (19th June 2009)

  • Added full support for multiple filter values
  • Added post-processing option to all filter types to convert resulting filter name-value pairs to multiple filter values or name-value-pairs.

Version 2.6 (19th May 2009)

  • Product configuration settings can now be set on the farm level (by farm administrators) and optionally be customized on the site collection level (by site collection root web site administrators).
  • Added documentation for the FilterZen BCS/BDC Business Data Item Builder Web Part and the BCS/BDC Filter type.

Version 2.5 (18th May 2009)

  • Page Request / URL Filters now use the filter name if no parameter name was specified, as was previously indicated by the filter editor user interface
  • Added support for sending single a filter value to compatible "cell consumer" Web Parts (such as Image Web Part)
  • Added support for sending all filter values as a data row to compatible "row consumer" Web Parts
  • Added infrastructure support and API for developing and loading custom FilterZen filter types
  • Added infrastructure support for the Business Data Connectivity Services (BCS/BDC) feature of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Edition:
    • Added the FilterZen BCS/BDC Business Data Item Builder Web Part, which like the out-of-the-box Business Data Item Builder Web Part sends a Business Data Connectivity (BCS/BDC) external data record / Entity Instance to any connected Business Data Web Part, but instead of using URL query string parameters obtains the required Entity Instance ID from any connected cell or row provider Web Part.
    • New filter type: BCS/BDC Filter (filter value lookup from any Business Data Connectivity Services (BCS/BDC) external content type, with optional interactive entity instance picker)

Version 2.4 (12th May 2009)

  • Bug fixed: Web Part displayed "license user limit exceeded" error message despite unlimited-user licenses

Version 2.3 (11th May 2009)

  • New filter type: SQL Data Filter (filter value lookup from any ADO.NET-compatible data source)
  • Bug fixed: Web Part displayed "unhandled exception" error messages in SharePoint Designer

Version 2.2 (29th April 2009)

  • Support for programmatically creating and modifying FilterZen Filter Web Parts and filters from code running server-side outside a SharePoint context

Version 2.1 (28th April 2009)

  • Support for programmatically creating and modifying FilterZen Filter Web Parts and filters from code running server-side in a SharePoint context

Version 2.0 (27th April 2009)

  • New filter types: Choice Filters, Date Filters, List Lookup Filters, Page Column Filters, Text Filters, User Filters
  • New Page Request / URL Filter options:
    • Get parameter not only from URL query string but also from URL path structure
    • URL pattern preview
    • Farm-wide URL parameter black list (for PageView, DisplayMode, etc.)
  • Optional, CSS-customizable interactive filters
  • Options to suppress certain filter names or values
  • Option to remember filter values last used for each user
  • Option to override most Web Part or filter settings from URL parameters
  • Option to dynamically generate interactive filters on the fly from known filtered columns

Version 1.0 (09th April 2009)

  • Initial Release: FilterZen URL Filter Web Part