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List Lookup Filters

Create a List lookup filter to send filters based on List data. Whether you let users pick a List item to use in interactive mode, or specify the source item to use directly, the filter value being sent is always the current, live value of a Column you chose.

View URL of the Lookup List

Specify the URL of the View used to access the List and retrieve its data. The View provides initial pre-filtering and sorting. A View URL includes the file name of the View page (such as AllItems.aspx).

You can specify a full, absolute URL (those starting with http:// or https:// ). Also supported are site-relative URLs (those starting with / ), to which the site collection root web URL will be prepended at run time, and web-relative URLs (those neither starting with http:// nor https:// nor with / ), to which the current web URL will be prepended at run time.

Value Column and Display Column

Specify the internal name of the Column in the lookup List providing the filter value to be sent. Typically this is also the Column you will want to use for displaying filter choices, however, you may also optionally specify another internal name for the display Column.