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Release Notes

Version 1.9.1 (12th May 2013)

  • By popular request, the Site Settings / PeopleZen Studio section of links is now only visible to administrative users.
  • Updated jQuery version to 1.8.3

Version 1.9 (20th February 2011)

Version 1.8 (29th November 2010)

  • Added: new Data Source connection providers Database (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) and Active Directory / LDAP in addition to the existing SPS/MOSS Farm User Profiles and SPF/WSS Site User Accounts connections.

Version 1.7.5 (25th September 2010)

  • [7th October 2010] Added: ExportZen integration for exporting your SharePoint staff directories, phone listings, departmental or any other User Profile listings to Excel or CSV
  • Added: option to offer the selected print-friendly view in the Web Part menu (integrates with )

Version 1.7 (11th September 2010)

  • Added: full support for SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2007
  • Added: on SharePoint Server 2010 (SPS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, as a new alternative to the User Profiles Shared Service Application, you can now instead use the current Site Collection User Accounts as the data source for user profile information displayed in the Web Part.
  • Fixed: a "stack overflow" warning message when using AJAX-based live filtering on a page with more than one FilterZen Web Part

Version 1.6 (8th August 2010)

Version 1.5 (16th April 2010)

  • Added: interactive quick-filter tabs by any user profile property of your choice (for example, tab by Department or A..Z name indices)
  • Added: roxSiteGroups property for filtering by user group membership
  • Added: Performance improvements and Fast user profiles enumeration mode for MOSS 2007
  • Added: DIY User Interface Localization tool in PeopleZen Studio
  • Added: Transfer Wizard (import/export) tool in PeopleZen Studio

Version 1.4 (26th January 2010)

  • Added: more control over paging appearance and controls
  • Added: AJAX support for smoother paging, filtering, ad-hoc sorting, and interactive view switching
  • Added: grouping (ascending or descending) by user profile property
  • Improved: UI for pre-sorting (ascending or descending) by user profile property

Version 1.3 (25th December 2009)

  • Added: Display style List-style view table, resembling SharePoint List Views for user profile listings, with option to enable interactive ad-hoc sorting via column headers
  • Added: Option to enforce rows of n user profiles each in the Tiles view style
  • Added: Web Part settings to control rendering of user profile pictures
  • Added: Web Part settings to control rendering of user display names

Version 1.2 (21st September 2009)

  • Added: product configuration setting for always excluding certain user name patterns
  • Added: support for extensive filtering using FilterZen
  • Fixed: sorting by numeric or date/time user profile properties was performed alphabetically
  • Fixed: "Unable to add selected web part: This web part could not be imported." error message

Version 1.1 (18th September 2009)

  • Added: product configuration settings for controlling links to user profiles
  • Added: support for URL parameters optionally overriding Web Part settings
  • Added: product documentation
  • Fixed: Web Part produced a "Could not find a part of the path '12\template\images\peoplecache\peoplecache.xml'" error message under certain circumstances.

Version 1.0 (30th July 2008)

  • Initial Beta Release: "roxority User Profiles Web Part"