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Release Notes

Version 1.6.6 (7th May 2013)

  • By popular request, the Site Settings / ExportZen Studio section of links is now only visible to administrative users.
  • Updated jQuery version to 1.8.3

Version 1.6.5 (7th October 2010)

  • Added: PeopleZen integration for exporting your to Excel or CSV

Version 1.6 (9th September 2010)

  • Added: new interface and storage mechanism for managing Export Actions, fully replacing the previously used architecture based on a custom List Definition and custom field types (both no longer necessary)
  • Added: new export action definition setting Export locale with either a fixed culture selection (ie. French, German...) or a dynamic one (SharePoint Web Site's Regional Settings, browser's (user agent's) Accept-Language flag, SharePoint current user account's Regional Settings...)
  • Export Actions can now be defined for global (farm-wide) re-use, or restricted to specific Site Collections, Web Sites, Lists or Views, with a new sophisticated sub-set descriptor UI.

Version 1.5 (9th August 2010)

  • Added: in addition to the Use in Lists of type selection, new export action definition setting ...or use only in this List
  • Added: new export action definition settings Export encoding and Prepend UTF-8 byte order mark
  • Added: Site Collection User Accounts tool in ExportZen Studio
  • Fixed: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object message in ExportZen tool under rare conditions
  • Fixed: ExportZen tool did not respect the Use semicolons instead of commas and Apply UNIX-style escaping export action definition settings

Version 1.4 (16th April 2010)

  • Added: DIY User Interface Localization tool in ExportZen Studio
  • Added: Transfer Wizard (import/export) tool in ExportZen Studio

Version 1.3 (23rd February 2010)

  • Added: Scheduled or batch-invoked CSV exports via server-side ExportZen command-line tool
  • Added: export action definition setting Append column with version history per exported item
  • Added: export action definition setting Use semicolons instead of commas for Excel-only use.
  • Changed: UNIX-style CSV escaping product configuration setting moved to export action definition settings.

Version 1.2 (20th November 2009)

  • Added: export action definitions can now be set to respect current filters during export
  • Added: export action definitions can now be set to either export the current List View, or all items
  • Fixed: "List does not exist" error message

Version 1.1 (24th September 2009)

  • Added: product configuration setting for enabling UNIX-style CSV escaping
  • Added: product documentation

Version 1.0 (30th July 2008)

  • Initial Beta Release: "roxority List Data CSV Export Feature"