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PeopleZen: Feedback Forum > Slow with Active Directory

Hello, I am testing PeopleZen on our Development Sharepoint server. I've tried to integrate it with Active Directory but it runs extremely slow, 20-30 seconds to load each page. I expect it to be a little slower since it’s a development box, but not that slow. All other pages on in sharepoint display within 1-2 seconds. I have pointed PeopleZen to an OU with sub-OUs with a total of about 300 objects. We are only displaying Names, phone, fax and mobile phone numbers. I setup the webpart as a full page and it's the only webpart on the page.
I've tried to point it to an OU that does not have any sub-OUs and the speed is normal, but that is not useable.
I've also tried using the caching feature but after the pages get loaded a couple of times, the following message starts to appear for users that don't have phone numbers listed.
No field "facsimileTelephoneNumber" defined for "Active Directory Name".
Any help on fixing this error while caching or help on making the webpart load faster would be greatly appreciated.

July 11, 2011 at 23:06 | Unregistered Commenterhls

Can you verify that:

1. PeopleZen is at version -- check the right-hand side bar of any one page linked under Site Settings / PeopleZen Studio.

2. Caching is enabled and "rebuild cache periodically" is DISabled, under Site Settings / PeopleZen Studio / Data Sources / (your data source)

If the problem remains after having checked the above, please email us for further assistance.

July 12, 2011 at 5:56 | Registered CommenterROXORITY