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Solution Installation and Feature Activation

1. The FilterZen Setup Package

The FilterZen setup package (the file) is a zipped archive containing:

  • setup.exe - A graphical user interface (GUI) setup wizard for installing and deploying, or retracting and uninstalling FilterZen to and from a SharePoint server farm, to be run by an Administrator user on the primary SharePoint farm or web front-end server.
  • doc - A folder containing this product documentation in Microsoft Compiled HTML (CHM) format.
  • Additional supporting files that are required for setup.exe to run and must neither be modified nor removed.
Extract the setup package to any file-system folder. Do not just run setup.exe directly from inside the setup archive — it needs to run from a file system directory that also contains all the supporting files from the setup archive.

2. Installing the FilterZen Solution Package

Run setup.exe and when the Welcome screen is displayed, click Next to start a series of system checks. To proceed with the installation, all system checks need to succeed:

Click Next and on the following screen, select the Web Applications to deploy FilterZen to. You can also de-select those Site Collections you do not want the setup wizard, upon successful deployment, to activate the Web Part Feature immediately for you on. (Even when FilterZen is deployed in a Web Application, before you can add and start using the FilterZen Filter Web Part on Web Part Pages inside a web site, the FilterZen Filter Web Part Feature needs to be activated for the parent Site Collection, as described in the Feature Activation section below. For now, the setup wizard performs these activations for you.)

Click Next to start the installation and wait for the deployment jobs and Feature activation to complete. This process can take up to a few minutes.

After deployment and Feature activation have completed, review the installation log:

Once you have successfully completed the setup wizard, you can start using the FilterZen Filter Web Part on Web Part Pages inside the previously selected Site Collections immediately.

3. Activating the Site Collection Feature

The FilterZen Filter Web Part is a SharePoint Site Collection-scoped Feature, which needs to be 'activated' on each Site Collection it is to be used in.

  1. Start from the Web Part Page you want to use the Web Part on. Select Site Settings from the Site Actions menu.
  2. The Site Settings page contains the Site Collection Administration section. In this section, click the Site collection features link. If it doesn't exist, click the Go to top level site settings link in the Site Collection Administration section instead, and on the root web's Site Settings page now displayed, click the Site collection Features link inside the Site Collection Administration section.
  3. The Site Collection Features page should contain a row titled FilterZen Filter Web Part.
    • If it does, click the Activate button to make the Web Part available to all web sites, Web Part galleries and Web Part Pages inside this site collection; or click the Deactivate button to disable the Web Part throughout this site collection.
    • If the row doesn't exist, the FilterZen solution package was not yet deployed to this web application. On the Operations page in the Central Administration, click Solution management (in the Global Configuration section). On the Solution Management page, click roxority_filterzen.wsp to open the Solution Properties page. Click Deploy Solution, then select this Site Collection's parent web application and click OK. (The deployment is delegated to a background job scheduled to run either at the date and time specified, or as soon as possible. Once started, it may take this job up to a few minutes to finish deployment.)